Our Mission

The Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks is an umbrella organization linking and supporting TimeBanks across the state.  We help individuals, organizations and communities establish and run TimeBanks.

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Our Vision

As the Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks, we envision sustainable communities across the state of Michigan that are attractive, vibrant places to live because of the strength of their social networks, and their ability to match unmet community needs with untapped community resources.  Ultimately, TimeBanks create communities where people want to live, and TimeBanks add both intrinsic and monetary value to the communities where they exist.

How we help individuals and organizations create TimeBanks:

  • Educational materials introducing TimeBanking and how to use TimeBank software;
  • Tutorials for individuals and groups seeking to set up a TimeBank;
  • A website where people can access resources and connect to other TimeBank enthusiasts;
  • Moderated discussion groups;
  • Promotion of best practice and quality standards;
  • Shared publicity and media resources; and
  • Fostering TimeBanking strategic alliances.