Janet Jackson, Oakland County Commissioner

TimeBanking is a wonderful initiative started locally by Kim Hodge, that enables neighbors to reach out and help one another. Creates bonds and community while providing purpose to our Seniors our Youth the unemployed and disabled, all who have skills and talents to share.
In the foreseeable future, TimeBank volunteers could help assist Service Agencies and municipalities provide at risk services due to decreased funding and tight budgets to our communities helping there as well.

Don and Tere’ Turner, former members of the Lathrup Village TimeBank

Click here to listen to a testimonial from Don and Tere’ on their recently painted basement!

Rhonda Catt, Kalamazoo

The MATB training took the mystery out of starting a TimeBank by teaching me how to talk to others about TimeBanking, how to assemble a “Kitchen Cabinet”, and identify Leadership roles. Also, we discussed possible issues that may appear and how to avoid them. Also, a check list of tasks to be completed prior to launching my TB was invaluable.

Janet Johnson, Urban Pioneers, Sterling Heights

If you love the TimeBank concept but are a bit timid about being the one to actually start one up, this training is for you! You will receive step by step guidance and cover all the things you need to consider. Plus which you’ll have fun, make new friends, & discover it’s not so hard after all to start a TimeBank of your own.

Kathy Beltaire, Villages Neighbor to Neighbor, Detroit

It was extremely helpful on both a technical level and with moral support; it connected us with others experienced in timebanking over many years so we could learn from their experiences.

Karen Gates, The Ark Foundation, Detroit

The training was very informative and gave us the foundation and confidence to start moving forward a little at a time!

Michelle Foster, Ferndale TimeBank

The MATB Institute training provided me with education, energy, and a wonderful family of timebankers to help encourage the growth of the Ferndale TimeBank.

Miriam Nemeth, Royal Oak TimeBank

The MATB was absolutely integral in maintaining the viability of the Royal Oak TimeBank during some pivotal transformative phases. It is so great to have a community of involved and committed individuals I can turn to when I need help or support, and the MATB truly lives the values of building community that drive timebanking for me.

David Spitzley, Center for Community Based Enterprise, Detroit

It is extremely valuable for getting a sense of the practical details of starting and operating a TimeBank, and a great opportunity to build partnerships with the other TimeBanks emerging throughout the state.

Juliane Poirier, TimeBank Coordinator, Napa, California

Every time bank needs a Kim Hodge! Kim has been an enormous help—a friendly, quick-thinking organizer whose insight and clear ideas have been foundational to our success at every point along the way. I highly recommend Kim’s consultation services to anyone who wants seasoned expertise and shrewd guidance delivered with friendly humor, right when you need it. We honestly could not have made it this far or this fast without her.

Nico Gisholt, Coordinator, Hawk Nest TimeBank, E. Lansing, MI

Thanks to Kim and other TimeBanks members the process of starting our own time bank has been especially enriching. We have been able to bring together people from our neighborhood that value each other’s time and want to use all the resources at hand to create a network of support among its members.

We have organized two main community events – a picnic and a recycling drive, both of them with good feedback from the neighbors and a very fun experience for all of us who were more actively involved in organizing them.

There is still work to be done but I see great value in MI Alliance of TimeBanks’ mission of connecting and supporting TimeBanks around the state. By providing insight, motivation, strategic help and services as well as assisting individuals, organizations and communities in creating and operating their own TimeBanks, the state of Michigan will benefit greatly, especially in these difficult times.

Paul Thompson, TimeBank Membership Coordinator, Roanoke, Virginia

Kim Hodge understands that TimeBanking is only beginning to tap into its real potential to improve the well-being of members, facilitate increasingly varied and innovative exchanges, and enhance collaboration among organizations to improve the services they offer clients and reach out more effectively to their surrounding communities.  Consistent with these insights, she also understands that just as TimeBanking helps bring members closer together, it also is key to improving the reciprocity among individual TimeBanks themselves.  Her help in clarifying issues associated with membership policies was invaluable to our group’s efforts to launch a TimeBank in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley.  Not only was her assistance useful, it made me feel like I was part of a real community of caring, supportive TimeBank leaders, and consequently, I can’t wait to spend time helping others in their own efforts to spread TimeBanking wherever it is needed.

Terry Whitfield, Bridging Communities, Detroit, MI

The concept of TimeBanks were foreign to me before the summer of 2009, and then I started to hear more on the subject, the great things that TimeBanks can be for neighborhoods, and what they were doing to bring individual communities closer.  And then I read an article about the Lathrup Village TimeBank and how it was the first of its kind in Michigan, and how it was bringing the neighborhood closer together. As a Community Organizer, that caught my attention.  Fast Forward 4 months, and I now am responsible for building a TimeBank in my neighborhood, and the first people I could think of was the Lathrup Village TimeBank.  I met with Ms Kim Hodge, and she helped me to see the vision of what a successful TimeBank can do for neighbors and their community.  I saw young people cutting the grass of an Elder, and in turn, that Elder stitching the hole in that Youth’s pair of jeans.  Or of two neighbors who never spoke to one another, now playing cards once a month and are now good friends, because of the TIme Bank system.  After one hour with Ms Kim, I knew that the Banking system is one that can transform lives, neighborhoods, communities, THE WORLD!! By working with each other, we can accomplish so much more.  The word TEAM, as an acronym, is generally regarded as Together Everyone Achieves More.  That is what the TimeBank system is about, and I’m glad that organizations like the Lathrup Village TimeBank, as well as the Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks exist.  They’ve helped pave the way for my neighborhood’s TimeBank to be the best it can be… mainly because we have the BEST support any organization can have!

Debbie Davis, Milwaukee Area Time Exchange Co-Coordinator, Milwaukee, WI

Last summer Michelle and I wandered into a National TimeBanking Conference, latecomers and newbies.  We met Kim Hodge from the Lathrup Village TimeBank.  Her outstanding organizer’s sensibilities, deep enthusiasm for the time banking vision and many inspiring anecdotes from Lathrup Village, MI sent us running from conference back to the neighborhood.  Our Milwaukee (Area) Time Exchange was founded two months later.  At every step in our development we have benefitted from the mentorship of regional TimeBanking pioneers. Collaboration between local time banks builds efficacy, sustains joy and moves us all closer to an equitable, just society.  We hope to continue honing skills and extending vision in the company of regional time banking peers and pioneers.

Cindy Czubko, Saline, MI

Community members from the City of Saline were considering starting a TimeBank program and found out that Kim Hodge, Lathrup Village TimeBank program coordinator, would be willing to talk with us regarding the start up of a program in our own community.   After reviewing the Lathrup Village and the National TimeBank site, we set up a conference call with Kim.  She was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of our questions, even the ones we didn’t know to ask!  Her willingness to spend time with us to help us understand how this program can make a difference in our community and to share the nuts and bolts of startup was very much appreciated.  We now understand the program, and with that understanding we will be better able to move it forward to the next step.  Thank you, Kim!